I refused my family’s requests to go to treatment until it was almost too late. I was seriously thinking about hurting myself and the thoughts were non-stop. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat and drinking alcohol day and night wasn’t working anymore to help the rest of my problems. When my girlfriend broke up with me and my parents kicked me out of the house, I knew the only way I could get my life back was to agree to go to treatment. Awakenings saved my life, for real. My whole family went to the family program every week. They stopped focusing on me and starting taking care of themselves. I had to focus on me, no one was picking up my slack anymore. I got back on my meds, went to all of the individual and group therapy, worked my steps and most of all their science treatments completely straightened out my sleep, my eating, and a lot of my really bad thoughts about myself. I don’t really understand how all of the science stuff works, but it really worked wonders for this guy.

Jonathon S.

I decided a long time ago that there was no way I was going to any kind of group treatment place where I was going to be forced to tell people what happened to me. Who could possibly understand the nightmares, flashbacks and other weird things that happened to me every single day ever since I was raped in college? I was from a really nice family and I had a super clear message from my parents not to discuss what happened with anyone, ever. Eventually all of my symptoms would go away. Except they weren’t going away at all, they were getting worse and I was getting prescribed more and more medications, none of which were working. Finally I decided to drink an entire bottle of vodka and drink all of my pills with it. I woke up in a hospital being told I was going someplace called Awakenings. I fought like crazy, and my parents did to. But this really nice young woman named Brigitte showed up in the hospital, said she was from Awakenings, and told me a little bit about it. It actually sounded pretty cool, so I decided to give it a try. That was 8 months ago, and my life is now free of insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, alcohol, pills, and even all of the psych medications I was told I would have to be on forever! Awakenings saved my life. The staff was caring and they even call me 2-3 times a month now just to check in and make sure I’m ok.

Emily R.

I felt so dumb. How could I go to “rehab” for oreo cookies and potato chips? The other people there would definitely laugh me right out of the facility! There’s nothing glamorous about cookies compared to heroin or alcohol. But the intake specialist at the hospital where I was being treated for cellulitis (a side effect of obesity) assured me that Awakenings was especially equipped to address “food addiction” and “Binge Eating Disorder” as she gently called it. For the first time ever I heard a name put to my daily torment. As soon as I arrived for my first day at Awakenings I knew I would be respected and treated without shame. The chairs were comfortable and fit me, all of the therapy was designed to address the underlying reasons behind my intense “need” to overeat. And even the director shared her 30-year recovery from the same disease! That gave me the hope I needed. Their scientific treatments totally got rid of my anxiety and helped me sleep soundly even though the therapy I was doing during the day was very emotional and painful. I don’t know where I would be without the team at Awakenings.

Justin P.


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