Meet The Team

Dr. Shari Corbitt

Dr. Shari Corbitt – Co-Founder & President

Dr. Shari Corbitt is a licensed psychologist and specializes in the areas of addiction, eating disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and chronic pain relief. She spent 5 years as the Director of Human Services on the Rincon Indian Reservation at the Indian Health Council in Pauma Valley, CA.

Later she served as the Clinical Director at Sierra Tuscon in Tucson, AZ (2006-2009) and the Vice President of Promises Treatment Center in Malibu, CA (2009-2011). Dr. Corbitt co-founded AwakeningsPM in an effort to provide treatment for individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders as well as mental health disorders.


Kimberly Wick – Co-Founder & Executive Director

Kimberly Wick is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and holds a MA in Clinical Psychology and a MBA in International Business. She is an EAGALA certified Equine Assisted Psychotherapist. Kimberly began her family work 20 years ago volunteering with newly diagnosed juvenile diabetics and their families through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Kimberly worked with Engage Treatment Programs (2012 – 2015) as Family Therapist and is Director of Family Programs for Awakenings Treatment (2013 – to present). Kimberly co-founded AwakeningsPM in an effort to provide treatment for individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders as well as mental health disorders. She is a grateful member of Al-Anon and brings experience, strength, and hope to the AwakeningsPM program.


Kimberly Wick
Brigitte Weilert

Brigitte Weilert – Director of Admissions

Brigitte Weilert is a compassionate and trustworthy individual who devotes herself to helping individuals who are struggling with addiction and trauma. Brigitte began her career in treatment in 2007 as a residential technician and came to find the Admissions role her true passion. Brigitte has residential treatment experience with addiction, dual diagnosis, eating disorders, trauma, mood disorders and other addictive behaviors. Her experience provides a more comfortable, effective identification for clients when taking that next step into treatment.

Being the initial contact person for clients and families, walking them through the intake process, and answering difficult questions is hands down Brigitte’s expertise. Deciding on a treatment program is a very stressful and overwhelming experience. Whether the client has been to several programs in the past or it is their first time, Brigitte provides a smooth transition into treatment and remains connected once a client becomes an alumni.

Brigitte works closely with therapists, psychiatrists, and holistic providers to help individuals get the support and care they need. It takes a team effort to change lifelong behaviors and support a commitment to “try it” as Brigitte once did. Brigitte feels blessed to be a part of that process and see the growth that is truly accessible to all of us!

Eric Schneeman – Director of Operations

Eric Schneeman believes a person’s career should be in alignment with their core values. Because of this, his position as the Director of Operations has empowered him to support clients as they embark on their journey towards healing and personal evolution. Eric has treatment experience with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Eric is a well-known and impactful member of the 12-step community since 2009 and his passion and experience provide our clients and treatment team with an insightful support in all areas of our work.

He currently has his B.A. in psychology from the University of California Irvine. He is looking forward to earning his MFT in the near future. He has always been goal oriented and grew up being aware of his mission to help others achieve their personal goals. Eric enjoys playing drums, working out and spending time with his family.

Eric Schneeman
Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan CATC, C.N.S. – Certified Counselor

Matthew Morgan CATC, CNS is the Director of the Dual Diagnosis program at Awakenings.  Matt has been working in the field for over 11 years with clients and their families. “My focus right now is the client transition from treatment to the outside world, I like to help connect the treatment experience to what they are excited about in their own lives.” “There is a tremendous need for application after treatment, I work closely with the client and immediate or distant community to make sure this is given energy and attention.”  Matthew has a CATC credential and is working toward a doctorate in addiction counseling. Matt helped open Exodus Recovery Centers with Steven Chatoff in 2005, and worked at Promises Treatment centers in Malibu for over 5 years. Matt helps clients learn how to apply the skills they receive in treatment so that they have a real world knowledge of application and theory.

“My grandfather and father are both sober, I have been inspired with purpose and vision in the work that I do.”

Matthew is also a certified Neurofeedback Specialist and works closely with Bill Scott the founder of Brain Paint located in Malibu. Matt has worked with over 1,000 clients and has applied countless sessions of Neurofeedback technique, allowing clients to get the possible long term, often permanent benefits from Neurofeedback protocol. “I do my best to keep clients interested in their Neurofeedback training. It’s one of the greatest gifts modern technology has given to humankind.”

Matt is also a classically trained guitar player and has enjoyed playing guitar for 27 years. He has a passion for Bach, Mozart, Tarrega, Barrios, Hendrix and others. Matt has recorded, entered talent shows, and talent competitions. Matt also incorporates the guitar, music, and creativity in his individual sessions to help ground clients and stimulate brain activity.

Sam Hammond – Director of Marketing

Sam joins the AwakeningsPM team with enthusiasm and passion. Having had her own obstacles to overcome she is dedicated to making sure others get the same opportunity she once did. Sam’s strong work ethic and devotion to helping others continues to be an invaluable resource in positively impacting the lives of those who struggle with addiction.


Sam Hammond
Sally McClain

Sally McClain – Director of Neurofeedback Program and Clinic

Sally has extensive personal experience engaging with individuals battling with Addiction and Mental Health struggles. A former vet student, she also has a love of science and neurology. Sally is a Certified Neurofeedback Technician. Currently, Sally is in pursuit of her B.S. in Clinical Psychology and will continue on to obtain a master in Neuropsychology. Sally finds purpose in facilitating individual’s personal journey to happiness and well-being. In her free time, Sally enjoys riding her horse Tunes and training her dog, Boots, in agility. Sally’s compassion, experience, and strength uniquely qualify her to welcome and support our clients on our healing journey at Awakenings Neurofeedback Clinic.

Damien Gonsalves – Primary Therapist

Damien is a Native New Englander and was born and raised on Cape Cod. He completed undergraduate studies at Ealing College in West London, UK and graduated from Emerson College in Boston before moving to New York City and launching a successful career in music, visual arts, and fashion. After relocating to California and living in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, he began his career in Clinical Psychology obtaining a Masters in Psychology with an LGBT Affirmative specialization from Antioch University in 2013. Clinically, Damien has worked at Promises Treatment Centers (2009- 2013) and as a Case Manager for a boutique program, S.A.I.D (Substance abuse Intimacy Disorders). Damien worked as an intern Clinician at BLVD Treatment Center (2014-2016) focusing on chemical dependence and substance abuse. There he developed curriculum for Healthy Intimacy and headed up the LGBT Affirmative Track.

Damien has been at AwakeningsPM since July 2016 and is working with clients suffering from Trauma, PTSD, and substance abuse using trauma informed interventions and DBT. Damien also serves on the board for LAGPA and has a private practice in Beverly Hills, CA.


Damien Gonsalves
Lyle McClain

Lyle McClain – Certified Counselor


Lyle has extensive experience in the Addiction and Mental Health fields. Her own sobriety (7 years) combined with her education and work experience gives Lyle the rare ability to provide clients with clinical savvy and personal empathy. She is a CADC (Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor, Loyola Marymount University) and has a BA in Psychology from Cal Lutheran University. Lyle will be attending a graduate program in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University in the Fall of 2017. Her work experience includes Visions Adolescent Treatment Center, Ventura Recovery Center, Awakenings Treatment, and various sober living homes. Her personal and professional experience gives Lyle a unique perspective, touching the lives of many.

Lyle believes her rich life comes as a result of giving freely of her time and talents. She has volunteered with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation since 1998, Teen Line and a Woman and Children’s sober living home. She is a grateful member and sponsor in the 12 step community.

Lori Fields – Certified Counselor

A Southern California native, Lori attended UCLA. She has worked in the chemical dependency and mental health field for over 23 years, receiving her CADAC certification in 1996 and her NAADAC certification in 1997.

Lori has worked with a wide range of populations, including those struggling with Co-Occurring Disorders, HIV, adolescents and those with legal problems. Included in her professional background is the extensive experience working in intensive outpatient and short and long term residential treatment settings.

As a Life Skills facilitator, she brings enthusiasm and creativity to the process. Her approach is fun and innovative! Lori’s deep commitment to helping others heal from their afflictions is what helps make her phenomenal at what she does.


Lori Fields
Amy Sharise Cadiente

Amy Sharise Cadiente – Director of Integrative Healing

Amy Sharise has dedicated her life to helping others work through issues that hold them back from living life to its fullest potential with certainty and courage. She has the ability to see in others parts of themselves they have suppressed and help them flourish.

Amy grew up in North Hollywood, CA and attended a professional performing arts school as a child and adolescent. She battled addiction in her own life and has now been sober for over 11 years. In sobriety Amy developed her passion for helping others and is now a certified Life Fulfillment Coach, a Fitness Coach and an Energy Healer. Amy specifically helps others look at their belief systems and teaches them to live passionately – not allowing anything to hold them back!

Resulting from Amy’s past struggles with chemical dependency and food addiction as well, she deeply appreciates a side of suffering that helps her relate to and be useful in supporting others. Amy guides clients at AwakeningsPM in adopting a solution oriented approach, where regardless of the nature of one’s trauma, healthcare problem or addiction history, life can be beautiful again.


Dani Jacoby – Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor

Dani Jacoby is a RYT200 (200hr Registered Yoga Teacher) registered through Yoga Alliance. She is certified and trained as a Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor and specializes in the treatment of trauma and PTSD. Currently studying to become a psychotherapist, Dani has a love of the deep mind + body connection that yoga helps to facilitate. Through her teaching, she strives to integrate these remarkable aspects of yoga into each one of her classes aiming to help empower her students in their individual practices. Dani teaches her classes from a trauma informed perspective where cues are gentle invitations and postures are designed to establish connection, integration, and grounding within the mind and body. She resides in the Conejo Valley area. She works with a wide range of clientele including those who have faced trauma, anxiety, depression, and chemical dependency.


Dani Jacoby

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