Family Programs

Family Support

Help for parents of addicts

AwakeningsPM family program is designed to foster the well-being of family members who are affected by a loved ones’ addiction and mental health issues. We offer a unique blend of psycho-education, multi family-group therapy, and weekly support groups for our family members.

Ancillary family services include Nerurofeedback, Equine Therapy, Family Coaching and continued family psychotherapy.

The AwakeningsPM philosophy is committed to helping the whole family. When addiction and mental health issues are present, related behaviors in the family system develop. At first these behaviors are coping mechanisms, and then they transition into codependent relationships suffering from the absence of a healthy balance and boundaries.

Through awareness, education, support and therapeutic experiences, our Awakenings’ families are able to experience more fulfilling and balanced relationships.

Wednesday Support Group

Our program includes a Wednesday evening support group that is a safe and confidential environment for our Awakenings’ parents and spouses to gather for shares and support.

Sharing our experience, strength and hope with others has tremendous value for all individuals present. More experienced group members offer support and reinforceslessons and advice to the new families.

This format allows all group members to be heard and supported as well as be of service to others.

This group gathers every Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:00pm in Suite 200 of our building.

Download our Wednesday Support Group Flyer Here

Help for families of addict

Saturday Multi-Family Group

Help for friends of addicts

Saturday mornings are a wonderful opportunity for the AwakeningsPM community to participate in multi-family group therapy, as well as the family members own group while their loved ones are receiving treatment.

We begin with a support group for family members to privately process how they are doing. As our family members share, the facilitators help guide and educate about addiction and mental health issues.

AwakeningsPM believes it is essential for each family member to focus on themselves to alleviate symptoms and achieve a healthy, systemic balance.

Multi-family process group is the last half of our Saturday morning. Every family member, including the client, is present. This is a wonderful time for each family member to have a voice in a supported, safe space.

Out of Town family Members

We encourage our out of town families to be a part of their loved ones’ treatment process by engaging in our family program from off-site.

We are equipped with the latest technology to assure all families are afforded the same opportunity to receive in-house family therapy and parent mentoring.

We also make out of town referrals for therapeutic services and support Al-Anon for all family members.

We are committed to addressing the whole family’s wellbeing so everyone can experience symptom relief.

Help for friends of addicts

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