Drug Rehab

If you have a family member or a loved one who is abusing inhalants, it is likely that you are suffering from many different emotions as you work towards coming to terms with the danger that your loved one is facing. You know that your loved one’s abuse of inhalants is causing permanent damage and you want him or her to get help in order to stop these behaviors, however, you might be feeling unsure of what you can do to help. Obtain information on the many different kinds of inhalants that are available, the signs and symptoms that the use of them causes, and the potential effects that can develop because of the abuse. Providing yourself with this knowledge can help you better understand what your loved one is experiencing.

The long-term abuse of inhalants causes individuals to suffer a number of life-changing consequences. These consequences include damaging physical health effects as chronic inhalant use causes liver damage, kidney damage, and brain damage as a result of chemical poisoning from the inhalants. Choking sensations, anemia, limb spasms, temporary blindness, hindered breathing capabilities, and bone marrow damage also frequently occur due to inhalant abuse.

Additionally, many individuals develop spots or sores in or around their mouths as a result of consistent use of inhalants. Memory disturbances, increased anxiety, heart failure, heightened depression, and symptoms of psychosis often occur. Overdose is an ever-present risk for those who abuse inhalants as severe physical effects are recognized as occurring, following one use of these deadly substances. By obtaining appropriate treatment interventions, these detriments can be effectively avoided and a happy life of sustainable sobriety can be obtained.

Addiction and Recovery

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