About Us

Our Mission

The mission at AwakeningsPM is to alleviate the suffering and support the passionate life pursuits of individuals and families affected by addictive disorders and related mental health issues. Simply put, we are here to help those who are in Hot Pursuit of a Fabulous Life!

If you or a loved one has been impacted by addiction of any kind, or a significant mental health concern, you know better than anyone how these issues rob you of your ability to pursue opportunities and interests, both personally and professionally. Educational goals may be left abandoned in the wake of depressive episodes and employment opportunities may be lost in the midst of drunken sprees.

At AwakeningsPM we intimately know the pain of these broken hopes and dreams. We stand committed to support the rebuilding of lives that may seem beyond repair, but in fact are not. Situations that may seem hopeless can in fact be restored. Let us help you begin your journey back to hope today! A return to your relationships, hopes and dreams is a very real possibility.

Our Team

Dr. Shari Corbitt

Co-Founder & President

Kimberly Wick

Co-Founder & Clinical Director

Brigitte Weilert

Director of Admissions

Jason Aaronson

Director of Operations

Matt Morgan CATC, C.N.S.

Certified Counselor

Damien Gonsalves

Primary Therapist

Lyle Ann McClain

Intake Administrator

Sam Hammond

Director Of Marketing

Amy Sharise

Director of Integrative Healing

Dani Jacoby

Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor

Lori Fields